3 Reasons Why Your Hotel Is Failing

It’s quite rare that a hotel is fully-booked all year round. The typical hotel has to deal with ‘dry seasons’, which can vary depending on the country. For instance, tourists go to Barbados to soak up the sun and enjoy dry beaches. So when it’s rainy or hurricane season, hotels in Barbados can generally expect a significant dip in the number of bookings.

However, if your rooms are mostly empty all year round then there’s clearly something that needs to be fixed. No idea as to what needs to improved or changed? Perhaps we can give you some idea:

Your Location Isn’t Ideal

A lot of guests are concerned about location when they make their bookings. If they’re visiting a city for the first time, they likely want to check out all of the interesting sights and take part in the action. Hence, having your hotel quite close to the city centre can be quite beneficial?

But what if your building is a bit tucked away? This might be okay if you’ve got a nice view to boast about. If you don’t even have that, then you’ve got to find a way to seem more appealing to guests.

One thing you could do is reduce prices, which could offset for the travelling costs to and from the city. In addition, you could add value by offering transportation and arranging tours for your guests.

Your Service Isn’t Up To Standard

How do you find out if customers aren’t happy with your service? While some customers will outright say it to your face, a lot of them prefer to express their frustrations online. That’s why you should keep an eye out on your social media pages and hotel review websites such as Trip Advisor. It’ll give you an idea of what you have to improve on as well!

For instance, if a lot of customers are complaining about things like late check-ins and problems with bookings, then it might be time to invest in better technology. Nowadays, there are many feature-filled hospitality point of sale systems available to buy. With these, the front desk can create and alter bookings immediately and carry out transactions faster, manage promotions better…etc. You can even integrate it with your inventory for real-time tracking!

Your Staff Isn’t Properly Trained

If your staff is rude or incompetent then you can wave your return business goodbye. First and foremost, your customer-facing employees must be well-versed in the proper etiquette. A smile and polite tone goes a long way. When the customer is angry about something, these can keep the situation from escalating.

Your staff must also be excellent at their job. If waiters are getting orders mixed up or house-keeping doesn’t know how to clean up a room, then customers are going to feel bad about having spent money at your hotel. Hence, before you can expect more customers, you need to train your staff properly.

If you’re hardly getting any guests any time of the year, then you’re clearly doing something wrong. Usually, it’s some variation of one of the three reasons we’ve discussed above.


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