5 Activities You Can Do With Your Grandkids This Summer

A child’s laughter might be one of the most joyous sounds you’d hear in your lifetime. Who knows it better than a grandparent, who’s lucky enough to have listened to the tinkles of laughter coming out of two generations of kids! Sometimes, you do have to compromise if you want to hear the joyful laughter of your grandkids. However sweet they may be, small kids can be very demanding and sulk in the very next moment if their demands aren’t met. So, how to be that perfect grandparent, at least in your grandchildren’s eyes? Here are five cool activities that you can do along with your grandkids this summer!

1)     Spin the Globe!

Small kids love to become busy. They can get engulfed in small activities for hours, however trivial they may be. Spin the globe is an easy activity where you have to close your eyes, spin the globe and stick your finger to a certain spot on it. Afterwards, you can look up about that particular location on the internet or an encyclopedia and talk about why you like those places. Just make sure that you refer a pictorial encyclopedia, or your grandkid would get bored.

2)     Go to the Seaside

What can be more fun for your tiny tot than going to the seaside! You can make sandcastles and fly kites with your kids- or you can just watch them do those activities if you can’t bend or stretch. And how about watching the sunset with your munchkins while slurping on some yummy ice-creams!

3)     Let Your Grandkids Paint an Entire Wall in your House

Probably it irritated and made you really mad when your kids drew all over the walls when they were little. But now you don’t seem to mind when your kid’s kid picks up a piece of chalk on a whim and starts scribbling on your walls. Funny how things can change, isn’t it? Go to the store with your grandchildren and let them pick the painting supplies they need- and all their favourite colours too! Go home and let them go crazy with the paints and brushes! Their happiness will make you happy too!

4)     Go on a Nature Stroll

Kids love to explore! Find a small wood nearby where you can find interesting species of birds, bugs, butterflies and trees. Pack a little picnic with you so that you will have something in hand when the kids get hungry. Take papers and pencils so that your busy bees can draw or note down what they see. Don’t forget to take your binoculars as well!

5)     Take them to a Nearby Market and Give Them a Shopping Lesson

All kids love to do grown-up things. They imitate and learn. But there are some things that they’re unable to do under usual circumstances such as buying fruits and vegetables from an organic market. Take time and teach them how to handle money. It will be fun, and at the same time, a valuable life lesson as well. After that mind-boggling lesson, don’t forget to buy them some shaved-ice from a nearby sno cone catering truck as well.

The minds of little kids are delightful little things, so don’t worry about filling them up in every second of the day. Enjoy the short time you have with your teeny grandkids as they grow up a little too fast each day!


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