5 Things To Keep In Mind When Starting A Wedding Planning Business

Wedding planning is certainly an interesting field. No one event will ever be the same because you’re essentially dealing with different people and their unique tastes! If you’ve decided on this field to start your future career, then you probably have a soft spot for romance but being a romantic in tune with other people’s dreams will not be enough to make you successful. You need a business plan so let’s get started!

Learn The Ropes

Jumping straight into your business with both feet is definitely commendable but if you want to learn more about the business, there’s nothing quite like getting some hands-on experience beforehand to prepare you for any hardships to come. Try getting into an entry-level position in event coordination under a catering company. You’ll have the opportunity to work with plenty of vendors, photographers, bands etc. so your exposure will be at its maximum too. You can even apply for an internship with more established planners and if no internships are available, you can always take the more outgoing route and e-mail them offering your services free in return for an invaluable learning experience.

Developing A Company Image

After you get some experience in the field, you’re ready to start developing your company image. This should reflect strictly upon your style. What do we mean by your style? This is what wedding planning is all about, your taste, attention to details and the ideas you bring to the table. All this needs to be represented by a professional and stylish company image. Make sure to hire a great graphic designer who can breathe life into your logo ideas, website, business cards etc.

The Client Relationship

As a wedding planner, you’ll have to develop a lot into your client relationship to fully understand their dreams and visions. Like we said, each bride is unique – one might be more in favor of upscale, outdoor weddings, in which case you can look up yarra valley wineries. Another might be in favor of a more casual setting like the beach. The brides might have their own ideas but it’s up to you to enhance these and give them all the right options to choose from.


Be realistic about your financial goals. When it comes to starting off your business, it’s always better to have enough cash in hand to cover your startup costs. Launching in those beginning months is the hardest part. Once you start building on your reputation and making a name for yourself, the profits will come in easily. Just remember, if you’re going to start a business, have enough cash to get you through those toughest months.

Marketing Strategies

Your next move would be to create a smart marketing strategy that is both low in cost and high on returns. The best way to go about this is to take advantage of online ventures. Depending on who your clientele is (eco-friendly brides, indie brides, culture-oriented brides, etc.) your money’s worth of advertising should go towards blogs and sites that cater to those specific audiences. You could also make sure that your own website is optimized for search engine rankings so it’ll get more views! Both of these methods are low cost, and guaranteed to give you high returns.

Keep these things in mind once starting this business, and you’ll definitely find yourself successful as the years go by!

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