How to Plan the Perfect Corporate Party?

Planning any kind of event can be daunting at first but everything becomes easy once you know where to start and what to do next. If it’s your first time planning a corporate event, this little guide can give you an idea on the basic things that must be handled. Read on to learn more.

Start as Soon as Possible

Planning an event requires a lot of time so the earlier you begin, the better. You have to wait for lots of things such as confirmation from companies for the services and amenities that will be used in the event. You can even make the event better by checking past feedbacks from guests and considering their suggestions.

Create Lists

Lists make it easier for you to deal with things accordingly. Categorize tasks into groups according to their importance or urgency. By doing this, you’ll know which tasks should be done immediately and the ones that can wait.

Set a Budget

Setting the budget as early as possible is important so you can allocate it properly. There’s no need to put in the entire budget into one event; it is better if you can save some. However, make sure to have an extra budget reserved for unexpected expenses during the event.

Set the Date

Venues can get filled up during certain months so it is better to book in advance if you’re planning an event. If many people are attending the party, it could be hard to choose a date that suits everyone. To make it easier, conduct a poll to know which dates are preferred by most guests. When the date is set, don’t forget to send a follow up with a save the date message.

Pick a Venue

There are lots of corporate function venues in Melbourne to choose from. However, one of the factors to consider is to choose one that is accessible to most of the guests. It would also be nice if there’s available accommodation nearby such as hotels and other essential facilities if the event is going to take place for a few days. You must also consider the capacity of the venue if it can handle the number of your guests. Different venues offer different services and amenities so you should check it out too. Some even offer package deals which can save you a lot of money.

Food and Drinks

When choosing food for an event, you can have either an in-house catering or hire caterers. When choosing the food to be served, make sure that it can cater to everyone’s palate even those who have special dietary needs. Pre-ordering drinks is fine as long as you have enough number for everyone. If you don’t want to risk it, you can opt for an open bar instead so you can be sure that everyone gets a drink. This option is more costly compared to pre-ordering but it’s worth it.

With proper planning and management, your corporate event will surely turn out into a successful one.


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