The 5 Must-Haves for A Perfect Summer Party

Summer is the most loved time of the year. It’s when the sun shines brighter, the days are longer, and the air smells just right! Of course, you can ditch all those unflattering clothes and get ready to rock that summer body in your favourite floral beach dress. If you live in Adelaide, what better way is there to celebrate summer than with a perfect backyard luau party! Here are five aspects that you should definitely consider to keep your guests entertained.

1)     Tropical-Themed Food and Drinks

Since you’re having a backyard party, make sure you get food that can be eaten even while standing. (Make sure it won’t drip along your guest’s arm while eating!) Food like spaghetti is a definite no-no, and also, it’s quite out of the league for a tropical-themed party. How about a delicious fruit kebab with seven different colours of fruit to represent the summer rainbow? A drink of fresh coconut water from the coconut shell itself is a must in a tropical-themed party. You can also bake funky looking flamingo and pineapple cookies to increase the tropical vibes.

2)     A Place to Stay Away from The Sun

Although everyone loves a bit of sunshine on their bodies, too much of it will do more harm than good. That’s why it’s such a brilliant idea to have canopies in Adelaide summer parties, where the sun shines a little too bright. Make sure that you get one of those printed canopies to go with the theme!

3)     Music to Groove

Life without music would be pretty boring. A party with no music- a disaster! Make sure that you put together a list of good Hawaiian songs to keep the party going on strong for a couple of hours. Create a dance floor on the side of your backyard where people can groove to the music. This list from Spotify should provide you with some good Hawaiian songs.

4)     A Photo Booth

A photo booth is the heart and soul of any party- well it’s true, at least for the millennials. Your guests would be quite delighted at the prospect of getting their photographs taken, especially when they have already made an effort to dress up for the party. Do try to make creative props to draw out those goofy grins and guffaws from your guests, and if you can, try to get instant film cameras! There’s nothing like capturing the best of memories in paper prints during this era of digitalization.

5)     Luau-Inspired Games

While the photo booth creates memories for the future, games succeed in creating joy and bringing everyone together at a party. Find games that can be played by anyone, at any age. A Luau Scavenger hunt may be more suited for younger children, and the adults would enjoy a game of tiki-torch ring toss. A game of Hawaiian Pictionary is better suited for a luau-inspired office party since it is hassle-free and somewhat laid back.

There you go! Focus on these five aspects, and you’d be able to organize a fabulous Luau party in no time!


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