Things To Know About Water

From Sunny Los Angeles to Dreamy Kuala Lumpur, you’ll see something that bonds the people, making us all the same. And what’s that? No, it’s not the fact that we’re all human, but rather that we are slaves to a little something that we all enjoy- water. If you’ve never heard of what this is, you’re probably an alien. Water is an important aspect of each of our lives. Wherever you go, you’ll be sure to never find a person that doesn’t revolve their lives around it. I mean how possibly could they? We absolutely need it to survive!

It’s truly God’s gift to man because of how versatile it is. Not only is it a source for life but also has various more uses. It’s astonishing. Now, rest assured as we’ll be discussing some of the various ways we humans harness this magnificent liquid. Interested? Read on to find out more!

How Do You Live Without It?

You probably have a pack of wholesale water bottles stored away to drink later. This is because of the obvious use of water, the fact that we need it to live. But why is this so? It’s because of biology. Our bodies are made of cells, cells which need food to survive. The food they consume is the nutrients that are broken down from what we consume. They get this scrumptious meal through water which is the main component of our blood. It acts as the solvent to not only carry this, but also oxygen to and from the cells for respiration.

So, What About Your Kitchen?

Ask yourself this- ‘Can I cook without water?’. Well, can you? No, you can’t. Some obvious foods such as pasta, noodles, rice, and bread cannot be cooked without water. But if you look into it, most foods are entirely water-based such as sauces; ketchup, mustard, soy and vinegar.

They all have water in them as solvents. If you decide to keep looking, the more you realize your foods are made with water, especially the processed kind.

How are you going to clean the pots and pans up?

Can Industries Survive Without Water?

The agricultural industry surely can’t- Plants need water to grow. What about the hotel industry? Can they clean the drapes, linen and floors for customers? No.  Maybe the tech industry? It’s not like you need water to mould the metal compounds of course.

So, is the verdict in? did you enjoy my article? This article was written as I noticed that we don’t talk about how useful water is. It’s taken for granted and not acknowledged for its immense use. This lack of knowledge is what is leading us as a species into a mass crisis- a misuse of water. This will result in chaos in our forthcoming future as we’re readily running out of our water supplies. Now that you realize how detrimental it is for our survival, be careful with how you use because without it, we won’t be here.


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